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Advantage and Disadvantage having car

Why do we need a car? (+/-)

 Everybody knows that cars are very important in our life. We can’t imagine how people could live without this invention many years ago. A lot of families in all countries have their own cars nowadays, they help us in daily life. Our life has become easier since the end of last century, when people made their first car.
 There are many advantages of having a car. Firstly we may move quickly from one place to another. It means that, if we have a car, we can go to the office or to school more easily than by bus, train or tramway - we don’t have to spend several minutes in a crowd and be exposed to delay or robbery . Equally important thing is that we can put heavy luggage in the boot and we don’t have to carry it. We can also have touring holidays or trips when we want. Another thing is that when you’re driving a car,...

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