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All of us realize,that contamination of the environment is one of the main problems in today?s world

 All of us realize, that contamination of the environment is one of the main problems in today’s world. Ecologists warn us that air, water and soil are more and more polluted. People cut down forests which are a very important source of oxygen. We dump sewage to rivers and seas and don’t think that there are so few places, where we can swim or catch fish. People often dump litter in the forests, we may see many illegal dumping places near a town or a city. We use fertilisers and pesticides, which results in polluting the soil.
 Another problem is, that power stations and our cars emit noxious gases, for example carbon dioxiole or compounds of sulphur. Every year technology is developing which is connected with polluting our Earth. There are more and more acid rains, epidemics, animals’ death, floods, droughts and illnesses. People, who live in big cities, complain for headaches or difficulties in breathing. Many children in big cities suffer from asthma. For the last several years we have had a...

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