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An essay about this and that

I have a very eccentric neighbour. He is really strange. He used to be an employee at a data processing department but then they sacked him. The main reason was his hobby - phisics. He is a sciencist and makes lots of researches so sometimes he doesn't leave his house for a couple of days. Very often he was absent in the office so no wonder they fired him.
Anyway recently he came to my house. He seemed to be excited and was shouting: " I did it!" all the time. I asked him what had happened? He replied he had built a time vehicle. That was unbelievable. I was astonished by the fact that such a wise man could say such a crap. But I decided to visit his house or rather the garage. What I saw there was worse than a hairdryer on wheels.
The news about his developement had to spread quickly around our street because after a while everyone living in the neighbourhood came to the garage. They wondered how the time vehicle works? The sciencist told us that the most important part of the machine was a jet engine. When the drive makes the...

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