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Description and history of England

Area: 130 420 km2
Population: 48,5 m.
Capital: London
Government: returns 529 members to Parliament; a mixture of 2-tierand unitary local authorities, with 36 countries, six metropolian countries, and 27 unitary authorities.
Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II Mother
Head of Government: Tony Blare
Religion: Christian, with the Church of England as the established church, 31.500.000; and various Protestant groups, of which the largest is Methodist 1.400.000; Roman Catholic about 5.000.000; Muslim 900.000; Jewish 410.000; Sikh 175.000; Hindu 140.000.
Major Towns: Birmingham, Cambridge, Coventry, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, York; ports Bristol, Dover, Felixstowe, Harwich, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Southampton.
Currency: pound sterling.
Major industrion: while, bunches, vitreous, porcelain, ceramic, chemical, paper, woody, beer and weed.
Major river: Thames River, Sewern River.
Highest peak: Cross Fell - 893m. above the sea level
Nationality: People from all over the world.
Official Language: English.

History in facts:
400-200 BC.- British Isles conquered by the Celts.
55-54 BC.- Romans led by Julius Caesar raided Britain.
AD. 43-60 - Romans conquered England and Wales, which formed the province of Britannia; Picts stopped them penetrating further N.
5th-7th centuries - After Romans withdrew, Anglo-Saxons overran most of Engalnd and formed kingdoms, including Wessex, Northumbria, and Mercia.
5th-6th centuries - British Isles converted to Christianity.
829 -...

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