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Description of the Cambridge

Last summer I had an opportunity to go to Great Britain in order to improve my english. I went to Cambridge, where I stayed for three weeks. Before I left I had made myself familiar with this city. Consequently I would like to write a few words about Cambridge. But my purpouse is not to present all the monuments, museums and churches. I am going to write about the city's atmosphere and it's social life especially night-life.
If you are fond of clubing go to Cambridge! You will find there many interesting clubs like "Po Na Na" for instance. Every sunday they organise there an "Happy Hour", which is all-night long, wild party. But there is also something for real dancers at Po Na Na's: "Latin Night & Salsa Cliente Lessons".
My favourite club in Cambridge is the "Junction". The only bad thing about it is it's placement- it is quite far from the centre.And it is very easy to get lost at night when comming back from a party (which I have experienced myself). The atmosphere there is very nice but nevertheless sometimes you get bored after five hours of the modern dance music. Things are different when there is the "Boogie Wonderland" night at...

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