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Laughter has an unusual power

Laughter has an unusual power - it's contagious, but it doesn't hurt you, and yet laughter makes us immune to stress, helps us defeat our opponents, and also to cheer up friends. Today laughter makes staggering career, that's why some people out there decided that they can actually make money off from it.
The first symptom of satisfaction is a smile, of joy - laughter. It is bright, as well as noisy, coarse, thunderous or squeaky. Laughter, given only to human beings can truly make miracles. That's why its power is used as a therapy. In some American hospitals, they employ clowns, in others, they play comedies to make patients laugh. Scientists claim that treatment in this atmosphere is favourable to rehabilitation, it livens patients up and gives them more power to deal with their problems.
In the 60's in Western Europe and the USA, they opened special clinics where patients are taught how to deal with their problems with the help of laughter.

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