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Przyimki w angielskim

accuse somebody of something
She accused me of poisoning her dog.
afraid of
Are you afraid of spiders?
agree with a person, opinion or policy
I entirely agree with you.
He left the firm because he didn't agree with their sales policy.
agree about a subject of discussion
We agree about most things.
agree on a matter for decision
Let's try to agree on a date.
agree to a suggestion
I'll agree to your suggestion if you lower the price.
angry with (sometimes at) a person for doing something
I'm angry with her for lying to me.
angry about (sometimes at) something
What are you so angry about?
anxious about (worried about)
I'm getting anxious about money.
anxious for (eager to have)
We're all anxious for an end to this misunderstanding.
anxious + infinitive (eager, wanting)
She's anxious to find a better job.
apologise to somebody for something
I think we should apologise to the Smiths.
I must apologise for disturbing you.
arrive at or in
What time do we arrive at Cardiff?
When did he arrive in England?
bad at
I'm not bad at tennis.
believe a person or something that is said
Don't believe her.
I don't believe a word she says.
believe in God, Father Christmas
I half believe in life after death.
If you believe in me I can do anything.
belong in/on/etc (go, fit, have its place in/on/etc)
Those glasses belong on the top shelf.
belong to
I belong to a local athletics club.
blue with cold, red with anger
My hands were blue with cold when I got...
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