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Snarl in the mist - a narrative story

‘Snarl in the mist’

It seemed that the day would be as boring as usually, but nothing indicated the horror I would go
through. I was sitting in a comfortable armchair eating doughnuts and switching the channels when I found the Local News Channel: ‘A boy was torn to pieces by one dog, presumably by a big, aggressive husky. The animal made several lethal wounds to the boy and injured three other people who are now fighting for life in the hospital.’ The news shocked me: ‘Damn, another one. They should have caught that bastard.’ I thought.
I got up, put on my shoes and my coat as I had just remembered myself that I had to post
a letter. I went down the stairs and through a long hall I made my way out. The air was extremely heavy, with dense fog everywhere, nearly as dull as in London at this time of the year. The clouds were a...

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