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Stress is a very common feeling in our life

 Stress is a very common feeling in our life. We feel stressed in many situations of our life. Stress attacks everyone and everywhere - at home, at school, on the street, during travels, in underground. It has very unpleasant symptoms. like headache, stomachache, swallowing saliva noisily, paleness, trembling of hands. We often don’t realize that others see our behaviour and it is often the cause of many undesirable situations.
 In everyday life we often feel stress, for example when we take an exam. Although we try to stop noisy saliva noisily or trembling of our hands we can’t do it. We are more and more nervous and it often makes us forget what we should say (speak about). We also suffer from stress when we travel - all the time we are afraid that we will have a crash or that we will be robbed. We feel stressed when we quarrel with our parents or get bad notes at school. Many people, who don’t have any friends, feel bad and nervous. They are derided by others and it may be the main cause of stress and frustration. Many adults...

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