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Terror, as a concept, means "intimidating"

Terror, as a concept, means "intimidating", but this intimidating is in great intensity and capable of creating sudden feelings of fear on individuals explaining the manner of violence. There have been many definitions made regarding terror, but in the international arena, no common concept has been determined. This is because the person who is declared as the terrorist by one side is called as the warrior of freedom by the other side. The most significant characteristic of terror is that it chooses the target randomly, and this random determination of victim causes the fear they try to achieve on the individuals in greater impacts. If there is no specific precaution taken in case something bad happens, the one who is chosen, as the target will be defenceless. This potential victim has got nothing to do with defending himself not knowing the danger, because, the time and the place of the murderous action are up to the terrorist himself within his rules and aims.
According to Law of Terror Prevention (dated 12.04.1991 and numbered 3713), Terror is defined as follows: "Terror is all kinds of activities to be attempted by a member or members of an organization on the purpose of changing the characteristics of the Republic which is stated in the constitution, and the...

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