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The city of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a big city lying in the State of California in United States of America. It is a realization of a dream of America for many people, who comes to this place. There are a lot of districts in it. One of them is El Pueblo. Mexicans live there. They have their own style of cooking and they sing a lot of songs. Next district is Japanesse, where 1/10 of people comes from Asia. There are reviews made by Asiatics and Americans. Koreatown is a conglomeration of rich Korean. Little Saigon was founded by comunists after Vietnam’s War. They imported buddhism there. Negros is 10% of a population of people living in South LA. There was a man called Simon Red, who wanted to build a monument. Throw 30 years he has built Towers, which are very tall. Ruts is a district, in which poor people live; there are a lot of homeless. Eastern LA is the Spanish district; there are a lot of children and many gangs in it....

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