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The most popular pastime in Britain is watching TV

 Watching TV is the most popular pastime in Britain. 75 per cent of British people watch, on average, 25 hours of TV each week, and TV programmes are one of the main topics of conversation among family and friends. Chat shows are among the most popular programmes with viewers, and TV companies love them too because they are cheap: a 30-minute drama costs ten times as much as a half-hour chat show. One of the most famous chat shows in Britain is Wogan. Its host, Terry Wogan, presents a half-hour show three evenings a week on BBC1. The show is broadcast live from BBC Television Centre in London, and guest celebrities have included Princess Anne, Sting, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, the England football team, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Madonna... to eight million viewers.
Hundreds of thousands of people sit down in front of a TV set and there they stick, with their eyes glued to the screen, hour after hour. They do not do their housework, they do not practise sport in the fresh air, they do not read good books or bad ones either, and they ruin their eyesight because they have nothing better to do.
Millions of people all over the world love watching American TV programmes like Dallas and Dynasty. The names of some of their characters like J.R. and Sue Ellen in Dallas, and Alexis and Blake Carrington in Dynasty are well known in many countries.
Why are these programmes so popular? Perhaps it is because they are not like real life at all. Nothing is ever ugly or old-fashioned....

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