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The people of America

The United States has the third-largest population in the world (in 1990 - 250 millions).  The most characteristic for US is its people who come from different parts of the world and have influenced its history and culture.
The Native Americans
The first people how had inhabited America come from Asia (across Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska). They migrated about 40,000 years ago across North America and south through Central and South America. In fifteenth century Columbus discover America and people who had been living there called ‘Indians’ (by a mistake because he believed he had reached the East Indies). In North America were about 10 million people with different kinds of societies. Since that time the amount of Native Americans  have decreased till 1,5 million Indians, one – third of them live on reservations (lands that was set aside for them), others in cities. The main problems of reservations are poverty & unemployment.
The British
Since 1600 the British settled the eastern part of North America. So the culture of that colonist was thoroughly British – with an American ‘twist’ and also was a foundation on which America was  built.
African – Americans
From 1620 to 1820 about 8 millions of West Africans were brought to work as a slaves, especially on the American plantations, or large farms, of the South. The Civil War, in the 1860s, ended slavery and...

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