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The problem of slavery

institution whereby one person owns another and can exact from that person labor or other services, found among both primitive and advanced peoples.

At the beginning of the Roman Empire slavery was not so current but later on as more and more provinces were occupied enemies were taken and sold as slaves.Though slavery was a prevailing feature of all Mediterranean countries in antiquity, the Romans had more slaves and depended more on them than any other people. These ranged from Greeks to some barbarians. These barbarians were used as labor in this empire. Greeks on the other hand were educated and so were used to teach the Roman people. From this we can see how important the slave was at the time. Although it was very convenient and added its part to Romans prosperity, in the long run it was one of the factors that caused their fall. Slaves were a surplus to such an extent that even slaves could own slaves of their own. The difference was that the qualities of the slaves were not equal.For example a rich man could buy a slave that would be able to rule his
home and educate his children. The slave could then also own a slave but this time for its own use. This became a common practice after the third century BC (Source: "Everyday life in Ancient Rome" by F.R. Cowell. It is located in chapter IV on slavery). This was due to the fact that the Romans had a huge army consolidating the
Roman Empire and gaining submission from the defeated countries. These people were then...

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