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The story which ends with the words: "I have never see him again"

1984 r.
26 July
Dear diary!
It's my first day in this incredible place. All around I hear singing birds, roaring trees, and of course barking of my lovely dog - Phillip. Wild nature - I love it. It's hard to believe that I managed to persuade my parents this long-expected trip. These green trees, beautifully colourful flowers, and strange animals, which I have never seen in my grey and boring town. But now, when we are here - in Flipland I only want to rest, forget about my health problems, school and whole my scabby life. I am so sleepy that I must end this part, but I look forward on tomorrow and next few days, because I know it will be the best days of my life.
27 July
I got up very restful and short after that I took my doggy for a walk to the lakeside. I wanted to visit the vicinity, meet some people, in the whole just to look around. But we (me and Philip) had a little accident in the wood. Actually it was not really, an accident but I got frighten when I realised that my pet has disappeared. I had tears in my eyes when after five minutes of my calling...

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