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The unusual hobbies

 According to the dictionary, hobby is pastime, thing done as a relaxation, favourite interest taken unprofessionally. Besides those, who collect stamps, phone cards or teddy bears, there's another group of hobbyists, people who do some strange or even crazy things, like this:
Let's imagine a young woman standing barefoot at the edge of a carpet made of red-hot coals. The coals burn fiercely and she can barely stand the oppresive heat of the fire. The tension within the circle of participants and supporters is palpable. With an intensity born of fear and determination, she focuses her attention on the other side of the fire and quickly steps across the red-hot coals unscathed. Previously, she hadn't believed it possible; now she feels transformed.
That's firewalking - the practice of walking over red-hot coals. It's generally accepted that these coals have an average temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.
A typical firewalk might have anywhere from ten to fifty participants. Most firewalks takes place in the evening and are divided into two sections - the workshop and the walk.
The workshop begins with introductions and some kind of process for the participants to get to know each other and the instructor. Then the participants are led outside to build the bonfire. Half a cord wood is stacked into a pile five feet wide and five feet high. The pile is then doused with kerosene and lit. Within a few moments the fire is leaping 15 feet into the sky. After about two and a half...

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