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We often wonder what is the role of music in our life

 Most people like music. We can hear music everywhere - at home, at school, at the work, on a bus. We often wonder what is the role of music in our life? Why do people like it and what benefits do they have from listening music?
 There are a lot of kinds of music. Different people listen to different music so there are rap fans, people liking rock, fascinated by techno and others. Their music often expresses their convictions and habits. The young, who are rebel against all the world listen to rap, techno and grunge more willingly than adults. Heavy, ugly words and agressive music give them psychical strength and help to relieve stress. Old people like classical music most - this is the music of their youth. Music may calm our nerves but some sorts of music may also irritate us - many adults can’t understand music, which is listened by their children and don’t let them listen to it - it may be one of the causes of quarrels between parents and teenagers. Parents disapprove of listening to noisy music in a car - the young, particularly young men like it very much. Music may consolidate people - there are many fanclubs, when the young can meet one another. For some years people who listen to the same music have been able to talk one another on the Internet - fans create new web-pages including information about their favourite bands.
 My favourite music bands are The Offspring, Hey and T.Love. Generally I...

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